Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cancer Prevention

How can You Protect Yourself from Cancer ?

Talking about Cancer risk, everyone has the different risk of developing cancer. Some individuals have a higher cancer risk because of family susceptibility. But more significant are environmental risk factors, the most impotant --Diet and Smoking--we can control.
Genetic factors. In a few rare cases, a woman may be at high risk for breast cancer because of a "family breast cancer syndrome."

Dr. Philip Cole, an internationally renowned epidemiologist and associate professor at Harvard's School of Public Health, and other epidemiologists believe that family susceptibility to a specific type of cancer may be due to 1. a Genetic factor, 2.an Unhealthy life-style or, 3.the least suspect -- something in the environment.
Cancer in specific organ has its specific risk factors, too. For example : Her overweight causing Cancer in the Uterus, Smoking 5-9 cigarettes per day causing Cancer in lung, Many sexual partners or early sexual intercourse causing Ca. Cervix, etc.

The cancer-causation puzzle becomes increasingly complicated when 2 or more risk factors are combined. So, The key to cancer prevention at present is to identify personal risk factors -- and make a commitment to do something about them.

*Identify your risks -- then deal with them*

Source : Summary from CANCER pathophysiology, etiology, and management pages 84-88